Testosterone in bodybuilding

The male hormone testosterone has the function of controlling and controlling the growth of hairline, tone and tone of the voice. Also, the appearance of a person will depend on the level of the hormone in the body, Testosterone price  and a decrease in the amount of testosterone produced can lead to problems with reproductive functions and impair the functioning of the immune system. Another function is the development of muscle mass and strength has led to the relevance of monitoring testosterone levels to enhance achievement in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Important: Testosterone allows you to achieve two important conditions at once when shaping the aesthetics of the body or increasing muscle strength - to reduce the recovery time after training, and to perform exercises many times more effectively by increasing the tone. With an increase in the level of the hormone in the body, the energy tone increases, which allows you to perform more exercises or approaches, increasing the load several times and achieving the desired result in a short time.

The hormone is produced by both the male body and the female. It is the amount of testosterone produced that is an indicator in the formation of a person's appearance. Due to the fact that the male body produces a greater amount of the hormone, secondary sexual characteristics appear in it.

In addition, the increased concentration of testosterone affects the formation of the physique - the width of the shoulders, hips, the volume of the muscles and its relief. This factor has led to the widespread use of testosterone in powerlifting, controlling the development of muscles and skeleton.